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What exactly is a Cluster Headache?

A cluster headache (according to International Headache Society criteria {Cephalgia 2004;24 (Suppl 1)}) has to satisfy the following criteria:
1) Severe unilateral headache in the orbital, supraorbital, or temporal region lasting 15 minutes to 3 hours.

2) The frequency of headache must vary between one every other day, up to 8 per day.

3) The headache must be associated with either:

4) No other associated disease

Cluster headaches are considered episodic if they come for 7 days to one year apart with at least a 2-week, pain free break. They are considered chronic if they last longer than one year without a 2-week pain-free break.

So what is paroxysmal hemicrania?

Chronic paroxysmal hemicrania is, for all practical purposes, a “cluster-like” headache that responds completely to the drug indocin.Clues that it is paroxysmal hemicrania instead of cluster headaches are:

It is important to keep an accurate history of the headaches in order to help Dr. Loftus or your neurologist correctly diagnose the headaches.